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After reading this book this book I felt much less overwhelmed. It is kind of like a tax return...you get all whipped up about it and it seems like an ugly mess in your mind. But once its been broken down it isn't so daunting. I never thought about having something like a period kit ready.

Nina - Mum of 2 girls

In developing the education materials for Rethink Periods, Melonie brought a wealth of puberty and period experience and sensitivity from working in diverse school settings, supporting children, teachers and parents. This subject has traditionally had a lot of taboos around it and she provided us with fun but responsible ways to break these down for teachers and pupils.

City to Sea - Re:think Periods

Having done the Fertility Massage training myself, and seeing the powerful effect it had on clients, I had a hunch that my body needed something a little extra to help it conceive after a long period of intense work stress. I took a week off around ovulation, and saw Melonie on two occasions during that week for some pretty powerful therapeutic experiences. She works on more than a physical level, and I left feeling somehow shifted, different, and completely blissed out. Two weeks later, at 41, I found I was pregnant, and I can pinpoint this straight back to the experiences I had at Melonie's hands.


During our session she made me feel at ease to discuss and be open about very personal issues. She is a skilled body worker and during her treatment I lost all sense of time. I was held in a space of deep nurture where healing could unfold. She had tools for each eventuality and intuitively weaved them into the mix. I left feeling lighter yet grounded. Dont hesitate to use her services.


Fantastic course provider. Kind and engaging, considerate, supportive and has made this course accessible. It was a challenging but very supportive course. The content was delivered in an interesting and engaging way with lots of practical activities that can be adapted for any situation. The content was thought provoking.

PSHE and RSE course particpant

What an overwhelmingly beautiful day (yes there was much blubbing!) at our Menarche day for our darling girls. From my heart to your heart Melonie Syrett thank you for creating and holding such a safe and precious space.

Leora  - Mother

A genuinely transformative weekend. So well organised and the location was perfect. All the sharings and workshops really helped me to ground, reflect, connect and set intentions. I felt extremely safe and supported by Melonie and all the women there. I would 100% attend again, it was utterly wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wild Overnighter participant

Thank you for everything you have taught me. I didn't know much before and was pretty scared and now I think I know enough. It was really good to hear other people speak about what happened to them and it was really good to know who I can speak to if I need help. I think my favourite bit was looking at the (menstrual) cups. I hadn't seen them before!

Child at puberty workshop

Thank you so much for doing these. You are keeping me sane in this strange time.



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