Women's Circles, Ceremony and Ritual - Zoom trainings

Women's Circles, Ceremony and Ritual - Zoom trainings

Dear all,


After all of your interest, I would like to invite you to a series of zoom sessions based on building skills around holding women’s circles, red tents, ceremony and ritual. All of these skills are transferable to any healing work you do with women and are wonderful ‘toolkit’ additions.


Each zoom will be around 90 mins in length and will cost £10. You can come in live or receive the replay.  You can join all four (or receive the replays if you cannot join live) for £35.



I have run women’s circles and events now for around 10 years. I ran South London Red Tent for 4 years and currently run Women’s Circles on the Hertfordshire / Essex borders.  I also run the Gather the Women Red Tent Retreats and Sisters of the Drum Drum circles. Over time I have learned a lot about what can happen in these sacred spaces – both the

heartexpandingly beautiful and the ‘how the hell do I get out of this?’ on the spot shockers.


The aim of each session is to share my skills and understanding but also to draw out what is important to you so that you can build your own circles and sacred events. Each of you is called to holding space for your own reasons and you should be able to craft your circle in your way for the women who hear your call.


There will be a brief grounding and check in to start each session, then a mix of presentation, discussion, sharing, pooling of ideas etc before we close.


An overview of the sessions and their date is below:


Session 1 – Structuring your Red Tent or Women’s Circle

SATURDAY 21st November 10:30am-12pm Uk time


  • Opening and closing the space
  • Sharing Circles
  • Activities – what, who, when, why?
  • Time, Venue, Cost
  • What else do you offer?
  • Holding a safe space


Session 2 – Deeper aspects of Red Tent’s / Women’s Circles

SATURDAY 28th November 10:30am-12pm uk time


  • Women’s Circle guidelines
  • Time management including sensitive management of sharing
  • What you can and cannot achieve in the space – signposting
  • Working with the energy of the group
  • Money? Exchange of energy?
  • Calling in your circle advertising
  • Closed or open groups?
  • What happens if you need to stop holding the space?


Session 3 – Ceremonies

SATURDAY 5th December 10:30am-12pm uk time


  • What is ceremony?
  • Why choose a ceremony?
  • Elements of ceremony
  • Place, time, venue, attendees
  • Making a safe space for ceremony
  • Working with emotions as they arise
  • Ensuring your safety during and after ceremony


Session 4 – Ritual

SATURDAY 12th December 10:30am-12pm uk time


-What is ritual?

-Why choose a ritual?

-Elements of rituals

-Place, time, venue, attendees, repetitions

- Creating the atmosphere for ritual

- Ensuring your safety during and after rituals


Once you have purchased the series of 4 trainings you will receive a zoom link and attendee details via email. 

  • Zoom, Replays

    Each session takes place via zoom and you will receive the link beforehand.

    Replays will be automatically sent out to all who sign up and will be available for 7 days.

    Refunds are available up to 3 days before the event begins.

£40.00 Regular Price
£35.00Sale Price