From Maiden To Menarche

From Maiden To Menarche

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‘From Maiden to Menarche’ PDF workbook and reference guide from my mentor-ship programme.

You can purchase the complete workbook on its own and use it to craft your period clubs, menarche ceremonies and more. 


This is a 15,000 word 112 page workbook and reference guide for those who want to help girls have a positive connection to their periods, puberty and their bodies and for those who want to help mothers support their daughters at this rite of passage.


If you are looking to run groups, programmes, clubs, circles, days or events for girls from 8-13years of age and want to come from a place of knowledge, holding and supporting the girls and their mothers this booklet is for you.


You can also purchase the physical bound version of this workbook with free shipping for £120




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