How to support your daughter through puberty - paperback

‘How To Support Your Daughter Through Puberty’ is the ONLY puberty book specifically for mothers of 8-13 year olds!


It provides all of the facts around puberty and periods that mums need to know to support their growing girls PLUS ‘How To’ advice on answering questions and picking the right time to speak to your daughter.


Inside you’ll find sections on how to raise your own confidence and you’ll learn important ‘get out’ techniques for when you need to check a fact or consider your answer.


This book is designed to strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters, creating a safe space for your girls ask their questions in whilst also raising self-esteem and body image, which statistics show take a huge dive at this time.


Melonie offers real life experience and questions and combines these with facts and advice to ensure that mums feel supported and that the next generation of girls grow up shame free and body loving!


Melonie's work has been rolled out across schools in the UK as City to Sea's Rethink Period's Campaign which has been fully funded by Waitrose, she has been involved in the creation of the Period Friendly Bristol Education guidance and recently trained Girl Guide leaders and Youth Workers in how to confidently support young people with periods. 


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