If you have children, whether they will menstruate or not.



Melonie is the author of ‘How To Support Your Daughter Through Puberty’. This is the ONLY puberty book specifically for mothers of 8-13 year olds! It provides all of the facts around puberty and periods that mums need to know to support their growing girls PLUS ‘How To’ advice on answering questions and picking the right time to speak to your daughter.  You can buy with free UK p&p now.
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Melonie's Magcal journeys are Guided Meditations for children. These meditations are just like story time - bringing the imagination alive, providing deep relaxation and emotional support. After the journey we get creative - talking and drawing about what we have seen. The live sessions have finished but you can buy a bundle of 5 recorded journeys for £15. Click below and leave the message that you want the Journey bundle.



Growing up can be a challenging time for both parent and child. As a specialist, Melonie can support your son or daughter or a group of children, in understanding the current or upcoming physical and emotional changes that come with puberty. Catering for children as young as 8 years old, expertise and safety is guaranteed. Sessions are bespoke, fun and maturity relevant. 
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Do you want your child to have a better experience of growing up than you did?  Melonie's 'New Beginnings' welcome groups of children aged 9+ into their next stage of being. They are combined with a morning of puberty workshops to ensure that the children are prepared for the journey ahead and culminate in being welcomed to their family circle (of women or men) in the afternoon. These bespoke sessions are designed in consultation with you and include a parent workshop before the event.
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Are you worried about how to talk to your child about Puberty, Sex or Relationships? Melonie can be commissioned to run talks, workshops and support groups for parents to enable them to understand what is or will be going on for their children as they grow up and to learn techniques for supporting their child in these areas. She covers topics such as body change, mood swings, menstruation, erections and wet dreams, attraction, love, relationships, consent, sexual health and more.  One to one support can be given for specific individual needs for parent and child.


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